She Found Her Own Kidnapper: The Story of Kara Robinson Chamberlain

Kym L Pasqualini
6 min readFeb 24, 2022
Kara Robinson Chamberlain was abducted by serial killer Richard Evonitz on June 24, 2002, in Lexington County, South Carolina. She survived and later helped catch a serial killer. Photo courtesy of Kara Robinson Chamberlain website.

It was a warm and sunny day on June 24, 2002. Kara Robinson Chamberlain, 15, was at a friend’s home in Lexington County, South Carolina. Her friend was getting ready while Kara was out watering the front lawn. They were planning to spend the day at the lake.

As she was watering the bushes, a Trans Am pulled into the driveway. In his late 30s, a jovial man wearing a button-down shirt, jeans, and a baseball hat got out with some pamphlets in his hand.

The man asked if her parents were home, and Kara replied, “Well, this isn’t my house. This is my friend’s house.” The man replied, “Okay, well, what about her parents, are her parent’s home?” Kara told him, “No, her mom’s not home right now.”

The man said, “I’ll just leave these with you,” as he walked closer to her.

Richard Evonitz abducted Kara Robinson Chamberlain and was accused of killing four other young girls. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Suddenly, the man, who would be later identified as serial killer Richard Evonitz, 38, pulled out a gun and stuck it into her neck. Evonitz forced Kara to kneel inside a large storage bin inside the back seat of his car.

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